Pioneer Trail to Lake Spaulding

 Thursday, July 11, 2013


DIFFICULTY:  Moderate. There is a significant elevation gain but the hike is relatively short and mostly shaded, except at the upper end.

ELEVATION GAIN: Starting elev 4500 feet. Highest elev 5200 feet. Lake Spaulding overlook 5100 feet.

HIKE DISTANCE: 6 miles total, up and back down, not a loop hike.

DESCRIPTION: This is the uppermost 3-mile Segment 4 of the 25-mile Pioneer Trail. Start on the Pioneer Trail at Langs Crossing of the South Yuba River on Bowman Lake Road and ascend 700 feet in 2.2 miles to the intersection with the Spaulding Lake Trail. Then hike 0.8 miles on the Spaulding Lake Trail to an overlook of the lake for lunch or snack. 

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 LUNCH: Early lunch or snack at an overlook of Spaulding Lake.

TRAVEL TIME/DISTANCE:  Approximately 75 minute drive and 60 miles. Return time to Lincoln mid afternoon. A donation of $9 is suggested for riders. Copies of these directions will be handed out to all drivers.

HIKE LEADER/SWEEP:  Leader Dan Cortinovis. Sweep Wilma Cortinovis

FACILITIES AVAILABLE:  Two pit toilets at Sierra Discovery Trail parking lot, one mile before reaching Pioneer Trail trailhead at the South Yuba River.


1. Bring a copy of your ID (driver's license), Health Card, and an emergency contact name and phone number with you when you hike.

2. If you have any health issues, please consider your condition before hiking. If you have any health issues, please consider your condition before hiking.

3. Always bring 2 pairs of shoes, along with a plastic bag to store your muddy/dusty hiking boots after the hike.  DO NOT get your driver's car dirty by wearing your dirty boots on the drive home.

4. Bring hiking boots, sunscreen, insect repellant, water, snack

RISKS:  There is not much poison oak. Rattlesnakes inhabit the area. Mosquitos are common but less prevalent in July. Occasionally, PG&E releases water from the Fuller Lake Canal spillway, which could flood the trail. This occurred on the June 17 pre-hike in 2012, but is less likely in July of a relatively dry Spring.


QUESTIONS:  Call Dan Cortinovis at 925-262-7345

MEETING TIME:  7:30 AM in the Orchard Creek Parking Lot – Leaving time is 7:45 AM